Delivery is made via courier service only.

Delivery costs are carried by the buyer and they depend on the dimensions and weight of your shipment.

The products you order via internet are delivered exclusively through courier services with which TOPLO d.o.o. cooperates, and you pay for them when you receive the goods in cash or when ordering via account or payment card via internet: MAESTRO, VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTER CARD. For more information on the method of payment, see the section: Methods of payment

On the product page, availability of the product is clearly indicated. If the product is available for purchase, the possible markings are "in stock" or "out of stock". The ordered product / products that were marked "in stock" at the time of ordering will be delivered to you within a maximum of 7 working days from the date of order confirmation by TOPLO d.o.o. , while for the product / products that were marked "out of stock" at the time of ordering, the maximum delivery time will be 45 working days. If the customer has ordered a product / products marked "in stock" during one purchase, as well as the product / products "out of stock", he will receive two notifications regarding the confirmation of the order due to different delivery deadlines. Along with the notification to the buyer by e-mail, the contract on distance selling, the form for withdrawal from the contract and the rights and obligations of the buyers will also arrive.

In case of extraordinary circumstances, which completely prevent delivery, you will be notified according to the contact information which you provided when ordering the product. The consumer has no right to delay delivery for more than 15 calendar days from the date of ordering free of charge. If the delivery is delayed longer than the specified deadline, or if TOPLO d.o.o. stores products for the consumer, the consumer is obliged to pay a fee of 1 euro (in dinars at the middle exchange rate of the NBS), per day for each individual piece of product stored.

When receiving the product delivered by the courier service with two executors, the Consumer is obliged to unpack and visually inspect the product with the persons who deliver the product, in order to make sure that there is physical damage. If there is physical damage, the Consumer has the right to refuse to accept the product. Upon delivery, the products are brought into the facility at the customer's address over the threshold, and lowered to a place where they can be unpacked and visually inspected.

When receiving products delivered by the courier service with one executor, they are not inspected on the spot, but the consumer has 24 hours to file a complaint to the courier service.

Access to the place of delivery must be adequate to the dimensions of the packaged product. Wherever access is not possible, delivery is made to the first accessible point (in the case of products delivered by a courier service with two executors, unpacking and visual inspection of the device is performed at that point).

The person who delivers the product does not mount the device.

All additional questions regarding the product, price or delivery can be sent to us by e-mail at: info (at)

It will be our pleasure to help you. By ordering, you consent to contact through all available communication channels based on the information you have left, until you declare otherwise, which can be done at any time.